• Alaska Senior and Disability Services

    Alaska Senior and Disability Services

    The State of Alaska’s Senior and Disability Services’ mission is to promote health, well-being and safety for individuals with disabilities, seniors and vulnerable adults by facilitating access to quality services and supports that foster independence, personal choice and dignity.

  • Stone Soup Group

    Stone Soup Group

    Stone Soup Group (SSG) is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit that provides information, support, training and resources to assist families caring for children with special needs. SSG is staffed almost entirely by parents or family members of a child with special needs, so they know the journey and are better able to help other families navigate through what is often an overwhelming and confusing process following a diagnosis or, at times of transition later down the road.

  • Alaska Infant Learning Program

    Alaska Infant Learning Program

    The Division of Health Care Services provides access and oversight to the full range of appropriate Medicaid health care services to all eligible Alaskans in need. These services include but are not limited to hospitals, physicians, pharmacy, dental, vision, durable medical equipment, and transportation.

  • Disability News

    Disability News

    We love when people with disabilities prove their abilities like Ilana. She’s an inspiration to many and her project of improving the lives of those who have incredible abilities, but are seen as disabilities is one that we fully support here at Hearts & Hands of Care. Read more about her story here and also read some empowering blogs with educational information included.

  • Disability Scoop

    Disability Scoop

    We have found many newsworthy articles on Disability Scoop, the nation’s premier source for developmental disability news. With daily coverage of autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and more, no other news source offers a more timely and comprehensive take on the issues that matter to the developmental disability community.

  • Alaska Office of Children’s Services

    Alaska Office of Children’s Services

    The Office of Children’s Services works in partnership with families and communities to support the well-being of Alaska’s children and youth. Services will enhance families’ capacities to give their children a healthy start, to provide them with safe and permanent homes, to maintain cultural connections and to help them realize their potential.