• Birth Injury Assistance

    Birth Injury Assistance

    As you prepare for a new baby, you only hope for the best, and hope that the healthcare providers responsible for your infant’s health do the best they can. After all, a physician is responsible for giving both mother and infant medical care for at least nine months. No parent expects to experience a birth injury.

    For those of you that with a baby born with a birth injury, check out this comprehensive resource for families coping with birth trauma.

  • Cerebral Palsy Guide

    Cerebral Palsy Guide

    Cerebral Palsy Guide is a national support organization dedicated to educating individuals and families about cerebral palsy.

    Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood physical disability. Recent estimates conclude that nearly 764,000 people in the U.S. have CP. We strive to provide answers and guidance to ensure that families receive the assistance that they need to help improve their overall quality of life.

  • Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs

    Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs

    Playing outside is one of the greatest joys of childhood. Stepping out the back door into sunlight, fresh air, and freedom can provide a feeling of liberation unlike any other. There are extra considerations when your child has special needs, but time outside still can offer tremendous therapeutic benefits, especially for children with autism or similar conditions that may keep them confined indoors in highly structured, climate-controlled environments for most of the day.

  • How to Calm a Child With Autism

    How to Calm a Child With Autism

    Techniques for avoiding and managing meltdowns: It’s not always easy to calm a child with autism, but there are techniques that can often be successful. Some require a bit of extra equipment that offers sensory comfort. Some of these items can be used in settings like school or community venues. If they work well, they’re worth their weight in gold.

  • Sensory Processing Treatments

    Sensory Processing Treatments

    Learn about sensory integration therapy and how one women created a specialized gym to help over-sensitive (or under-sensitive) kids.

  • Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

    Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

    This article discusses what it means to plan your estate when you have a child with autism. It addresses the basics – like what exactly estate planning is and the challenges it can bring – as well as what documents you need to have in order in your estate planning, which documents your child needs to be successful and in compliance with the law, and how you should proceed once you have put your affairs in place.

  • Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues

    Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues

    If your child qualifies for special education services, he will receive an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). In plain English and IEP, makes it so children cannot simply be placed in a special education classroom that doesn’t meet their needs.

    The object is to figure out how to help the child function in a less-restrictive, appropriate classroom. As a parent or professional, you can help tremendously if you develop your sensory smarts, and use good observation skills and creativity to make the school environment and the child’s needs a better match.

  • Moving with Special Needs Kids

    Moving with Special Needs Kids

    When you are moving with children, you face a number of considerations that others don’t have to face. When you add a special needs child to the mix, you have a lengthy list of addition things you have to do to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to help you with the moving process, ensuring that your child’s needs are met throughout it.

  • Covenant House’s Mission

    Covenant House’s Mission

    “We who recognize God’s providence and fidelity to His people are dedicated to living out His covenant among ourselves and those children we serve, with absolute respect and unconditional love. That commitment calls us to serve suffering children of the street, and to protect and safeguard all children. Just as Christ in His humanity is the visible sign of God’s presence among His people, so our efforts together in the covenant community are a visible sign that effects the presence of God, working through the Holy Spirit among ourselves and our kids.”

  • ACT Program

    ACT Program

    ACT program provides communication, social skills, transportation, recreation/leisure, independent living and vocational skills training in the community. Community-based instruction in these areas provide opportunities for a variety of experiences and activities in order for students to exit the program and the Anchorage School District, having acquired the necessary skills and numerous community connections to ensure a successful and fulfilling life. The ACT program is a post-secondary community based instructional program for adult students (18 to 21 years old) needing additional transitional supports after completing the required core credits at their neighborhood school. Students participate in their natural graduating class ceremony, however, send their diploma or certificate of completion to the ACT Program to hold until completion of our program. Students may continue earning elective credits with an emphasis on vocational skills/employment, recreation/leisure, and independence within the community.

  • Cerebral Palsy Group

    Cerebral Palsy Group

    This resource provides the community with high quality, medically-reviewed data on everything related to cerebral palsy as well as birth injury topics. Their team of world-class doctors and healthcare professionals are here to provide you with the information you need.

  • Alaska Office of Children’s Services

    Alaska Office of Children’s Services

    The Office of Children’s Services works in partnership with families and communities to support the well-being of Alaska’s children and youth. Services will enhance families’ capacities to give their children a healthy start, to provide them with safe and permanent homes, to maintain cultural connections and to help them realize their potential.

  • Disability Scoop

    Disability Scoop

    We have found many newsworthy articles on Disability Scoop, the nation’s premier source for developmental disability news. With daily coverage of autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and more, no other news source offers a more timely and comprehensive take on the issues that matter to the developmental disability community.

  • Disability News

    Disability News

    We love when people with disabilities prove their abilities like Ilana. She’s an inspiration to many and her project of improving the lives of those who have incredible abilities, but are seen as disabilities is one that we fully support here at Hearts & Hands of Care. Read more about her story here and also read some empowering blogs with educational information included.

  • Alaska Infant Learning Program

    Alaska Infant Learning Program

    The Division of Health Care Services provides access and oversight to the full range of appropriate Medicaid health care services to all eligible Alaskans in need. These services include but are not limited to hospitals, physicians, pharmacy, dental, vision, durable medical equipment, and transportation.

  • Stone Soup Group

    Stone Soup Group

    Stone Soup Group (SSG) is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit that provides information, support, training and resources to assist families caring for children with special needs. SSG is staffed almost entirely by parents or family members of a child with special needs, so they know the journey and are better able to help other families navigate through what is often an overwhelming and confusing process following a diagnosis or, at times of transition later down the road.

  • Alaska Senior and Disability Services

    Alaska Senior and Disability Services

    The State of Alaska’s Senior and Disability Services’ mission is to promote health, well-being and safety for individuals with disabilities, seniors and vulnerable adults by facilitating access to quality services and supports that foster independence, personal choice and dignity.

  • SDS – E Alerts Signup

    SDS – E Alerts Signup

    To learn more about Alaska’s Departement of Health Social Services – Senior and Disabilities Services department click here. 

    Click the button below to sign up for SDS-E-Alerts to Communicate with long-term care providers offering services to clients of SDS. Note, you will be sent an email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you.

  • The Tears Foundation

    The Tears Foundation

    If you have found us because you have experienced a loss, our hearts go out to you.  We welcome you to reach out and join us as we honor babies gone too soon.  If you would like to speak with someone or need financial assistance fill out our online application form and someone who can help will be in touch.’

    We are able to provide services to all bereaved families in Alaska.