Instill a Love of Art in Your Child With Learning Disabilities

Pablo Picasso once said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” There is no question that art in its many forms (crafts, music, literature, physical art like painting or drawing, etc.) is hugely important in the development of a child. Your child with learning disabilities is no different. Art and creative expression can help children refine their fine motor skills, improve social skills, and build self-confidence, among myriad other benefits. We all start our journeys somewhere. Let’s take a look at some ways for you to get your special needs child involved with art and activities that will stimulate their creativity:

1. Look for local resources.

There are many kinds of local programming aimed at children that allow them to explore their creative sides in a safe environment. Local workshops get your child into the community, introduce them to new faces and concepts, and can help improve their communication skills.

For instance, arts-and-crafts workshops in your area could be a great way for your children to make friends or at least interact with others. Even in the COVID-19 era, resource centers are offering web-based classes that provide a welcome introduction to beginners or experts alike.

2. Get involved yourself.

Teaching your child how to open themselves up artistically and creatively will require you to reach for your creative skills, too. You should learn more about art and its many benefits — there is a lot for both you and your child, no matter what kind of art you are interested in — and get involved in the learning process of your child. This can be a fun and rewarding experience for you, too.

While sharing the benefits of art with your children, you may find that you quite like it and would want to share that passion with others. You may even consider providing your own lessons to other children, as well. As you do that, you should think about registering your new teaching business as a limited liability company (LLC). There are several key advantages to registering for an LLC, including pass-through tax benefits, more flexibility, and protection for your personal assets. Make sure you note the regulations in your state — a formation service like Zen Business can help you avoid lawyer fees and check your state’s requirements for you.

3. Understand why children need art.

For children, doing art loosens their creative muscles and helps them engage with the world in new, exciting ways. The world needs creative thinkers, and the artistic process teaches them to look at things from different perspectives — which also leads to innovation and discovery.

Children with learning disabilities, in particular, can use art as a way to engage with the people around them in ways they haven’t before. Music, for instance, has been shown to have a positive impact on communication and learning. Sewing and needlework can improve fine motor skills and introduce children to new textures. Visual art can help children on the spectrum express themselves through shapes and colors. No matter what kind of art you and your child are doing, it can help them communicate more effectively.

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Guest Author:

Lillian Brooks