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We Provide Support For Many Needs

At some point, we all face family despair in caring for a disabled or ill family member. These life events can contribute to financial crisis, physical exhaustion and emotional distress. Hearts & Hands of Care was formed to relieve some of that distress and to serve as a platform for guidance and learning for families and individuals.

What started as an individual support provider has now grown into an organization that helps support families to support themselves. Our objectives include initiating and maintaining contact with families, creating schedules for parents, sharing information, education, and participation with other agency networks and government agencies.

People we serve include two parent families, single parent families, individuals with disabilities, individuals that are rurally located, children, adolescents and senior citizens.

We help families brainstorm solutions to problems, help them navigate the complex social service system and assist in locating medical and adaptive equipment. We also assist with applications for services that include: DD Eligibility, TEFRA, Respite, SSI/SSA, Transportation and Public Assistance.