Sleep Tips For Those With Disabilities

Tips to Ensure a Good Night’s Rest During the Long Alaska Summer Days

Alaska summers are full of sunlight which can be an amazing thing until it’s time to go to bed. Sticking to a bedtime routine can be difficult when you no longer have afternoon twilight as your cue to start unwinding. This can be an even bigger challenge for those with special needs.

Getting a good night’s sleep helps those with special needs regulate their behavior & hormones, and is vital to their overall health. To achieve this,  it’s extremely important that you allow time to wind down before bed to ensure you can fall asleep & stay asleep.

  1. Aim to eat dinner or an evening snack at least 2 hours before bedtime. A good evening snack (Opt for a combination of protein, complex carbs, and healthy carbs—like an apple with nut butter or hummus with whole-grain pita)
  2.  Avoid sugar too close to bedtime.
  3. Create a routine and stick to it even though the sun is still out. You may need to add time limits for each activity to encourage them to move through the whole routine.
  4. Offer cozy distractions like a stuffed animal, calming music, or a weighted blanket. Aim for cozy but also boring.
  5.  Keep a journal to see what helps best during different parts of the Alaska year.
  6. Turn off your devices 1 hour before you want to go to bed.