Meet Our People – Randi

Meet our people! 👋 Say hi to Randi

Job Role/Location:
Case Manager in Soldotna Alaska 😊

How long have you worked at HAHOC?:
I have been with HAHOC since 2019 and in the office as a Case Manager since April of 2022 and what a change! I love it!

What do you like most about your job/working at HAHOC?:
I love helping people, I was a caregiver for 13 years and so this felt like the most natural step in my adult career. I especially love being able to go to individuals’ homes and meet them and form a connection with the people that I am helping here in the office.

What do you like to do in your spare time?:
I really enjoy reading, spending time with my husband (we love going into the mountains) and my dogs, and I also really enjoy video games LOL!

Favorite Food(s):
Honestly, it’s hard to nail down a favorite so I will just say CARBS! Also, potatoes because who DOESN’T love potatoes?

Tell us a little-known/fun fact about yourself.
 I collect antique teapots. I think they are so cute!

Tell us a personal goal or ambition for the future.
My most recent goal is to pay my house off this year (so close!!) and then I really want to visit Scotland with my husband.